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Video Production Services

Through our wealth of experience and High Definition video capabilities, we will help you to get your message on screen (be it on the web, mobile, PC, Point of Purchase or TV) with quick a turnaround and maximum impact. We offer a variety of video production services to fit your needs and budget, and we have our own dedicated HD digital video cameras, editing software and digital video editing system allowing changes to be made quickly. In fact, our videos and commercials will not only tell your story and sell your products, they’ll also make you look better than your competition.

Corporate Video Production

We offer a variety of Corporate Video production styles and options to suit your needs. We we work with you from the initial story boarding and scripting stage, right up to designing the package layout and creating multiple copies of your DVD or providing other distribution methods such as web videos. At a trade show or a conference, using a video at your booth will help draw attention to what you have to offer and will help you get your message out to more people. A corporate website video is an effective way of convincing users to buy. It makes your website easy to understand, gives it credibility and a better image, and makes you look professional to your potential customers. We can produce a corporate video specifically for your website where it can educate your potential customers about your business, your services and your website.

Video Testimonials

Let us turn your written testimonials into video testimonials. Let your customers speak for you. We will sit down with your customers and produce a video testimonial that enables you to showcase a selection of your customers giving positive accounts of you and your business. Video is able to highlight so much more than a few lines of text and captures genuine enthusiasm and praise from your customers.

Event Videos

Video production can be used at fairs, seminars, sporting, school, stage, community and similar events to provide recordings of the events.

Website Videos and Webmercials

Online video creates a more personal interaction between a business and its customers. Your webmercial is a valuable way to showcase your products or services and teach customers how to use merchandise or raise brand awareness. It can also help you personally welcome visitors to your site or provide testimonials from past clients. Video instills a tremendous confidence and shows why you are the best. It can take pages of text to do what video can accomplish in seconds! We professionally produce your webmercial and ensure that it reaches your desired audience.

Company Training Videos

Our corporate training video production will spice up your business training programs. Your employees will be revived and interested in what your company leadership has to say. Our corporate training videos can be used time after time to ensure that all your employees get the same quality instruction. Training videos are a great way to introduce employees to key leaders in your company.

Live Event Webcasting

Stream your special event live on the Internet. Periscope Digital Media can stream your live event online that can be viewed by anyone who has Internet access. It can be live or archived. Periscope’s team will come to your location (you will need high-speed internet access). We will provide a remote broadcast set-up which will take the video and stream live on the internet, as well as backing up to an archive source. Your viewers will log onto periscopemedia.com to view your webcast. The page will be branded with your logos. We can also work with your IT team to broadcast live onto your website if desired.

Website Presentation Video

A presenter on your website talking about your services in a clear and friendly manner. Video Spokesperson videos add life to your website and deliver a powerful personal message that drives action and results.

Promotional Video

Recommendations about your products or services that you can show to your potential clients.

Infomercials and TV Commercials

We produce infomercials for the web or TV. Tap the power of video to get your message across to your customers.

Video Encoding

We are able to export your finished video in a variety of formats; DVD, Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash Video, Real Player or Video Podcast.

Camera Crews and Digital Video Editing

Our experienced camera crews shoot on the latest digital formats, and we offer digital video editing in our own in-house edit suite. During the editing process we offer a unique secure website service facility allowing you to log in and check the progress of your video from anywhere in the world.

About Us

We begin with an initial consultation to discuss your goals and objectives, and then our qualified team of professionals get to work. We take a look at your product or service, your image and branding, your customer base and who you want to attract, and present you with our best options to meet your needs. We guarantee to work within the budget parameters that you set, and provide options and solutions to deliver a professional commercial production that works for your company.

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On Location

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. Our basic video production comes with cameraman, HD camera (Panasonic AG-HMC 150p), Lowell lights, 2-channel UHF wireless, and Manfrotto tripod with fluid head

Go Green

Go Green! That is… let us shoot you against our green screen as you tell your message. We have a variety of backgrounds and images to create the right atmosphere.

Meetings & Events

Share your meetings and events using live video. Showcase your event on the web for the world to view. The next best thing to being there. Saves time and money.

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